Minehead Brochure

Minehead Brochure22Minehead Brochure2

This is a fictitious brochure for the equally fictitious Minehead Tourist Board. For this class assignment we were to create a direct mail flyer for an exotic location. I chose Minehead in Somerset, England which is a pretty little seaside town on the Bristol Channel. I used my own photographs.


Rene Gruau


This is a faux article on the fashion illustrator Rene Gruau. He is my inspiration for Graphic Design. I feel that many of his illustrations were almost pure design and I believe the two I have chosen exemplify this; negative space is used exclusively to define form. His main colors were red, black and white and these are echoed in my article.



Photo montage done in Photo Shop. At first I had thought of doing a cyborg for this project, but our instructor said that had been done to death. I was looking through the samples that were posted on the class website for another idea, and saw that many of the images were disturbing, although very creative and thought provoking. So I decided to do a beautiful image instead. The idea is superhuman love, with the woman in the picture being a light source herself.