Rabble Rouser

This, our third project in this class, was very challenging. I have edited 1/4 inch audio tape in the past but have never done video editing.
My first idea was to do a music video/montage to the Stones Street Fighting Man but that is still copyright. On further reflection I
decided to use some of my own music. I had a piece that had no title, basically a collection of riffs that I was messing around with on the guitar
and had put together into an arrangement. So I now have a title for my composition and an idea for a music video. The idea behind this video is
how history repeats itself. I have uploaded the video to you tube. It’s under wallshirts. Here’s the link: http://youtu.be/AR-s_G-Wij0
(If you select the link and right click on it you should be able to get it to open.)


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