Prize Winning Project

Fastidious modeller Mal seeks to beat the competition with his latest model car. He has recounted his efforts in a magazine article
for the latest edition of “Hot Rod Model Cars”. We observe him as he demonstrates the proper way to build a winner!

This is meant to be parody of construction articles in the model press. I decided to use stone monoliths to place my photos on, to
emphasize the fact that nothing is written in stone in any creative endeavor, there are always new methods and materials to try out. I was
intrigued by the push/pull tool in GoogleSketchup. I used the move/copy tool to create multiple monoliths and the scale tool to size/place my
photos. Here are two more screen captures:

(As you can see he’s won a bowling trophy.)


Rabble Rouser

This, our third project in this class, was very challenging. I have edited 1/4 inch audio tape in the past but have never done video editing.
My first idea was to do a music video/montage to the Stones Street Fighting Man but that is still copyright. On further reflection I
decided to use some of my own music. I had a piece that had no title, basically a collection of riffs that I was messing around with on the guitar
and had put together into an arrangement. So I now have a title for my composition and an idea for a music video. The idea behind this video is
how history repeats itself. I have uploaded the video to you tube. It’s under wallshirts. Here’s the link:
(If you select the link and right click on it you should be able to get it to open.)

Here is my second project for this class. It’s from a hand drill that I use for drilling holes in model railways. I did the third one first. The background is a solid shape with the object overlaid on top.

I found I had to redraw some of the lines within the object after I did the overlay so the black areas on the other two are separate shapes themselves. My first idea was to have all the backgrounds completely black but I felt it would create more visual interest to give some shape to the backgrounds on the second and third ones. I found it awkward to work with the pen tool,

I’m more comfortable drawing freehand with the brush tool. I’m including a simple drawing I did with the brush tool as an example.

I am going to have to experiment some more with the pen tool. Maybe over draw some photographs.