Rene Gruau

I only discovered this artist last year, just shows

how out of it I am! He was a famous fashion illustrator who has only just passed away(2004). He drew for all the fashion houses in Paris (such as Christian Dior) and New York and all of the mags

including Vogue. His main function was as an illustrator for advertising but his work is considered outstanding on it’s own merits. There are elements of Japanese art in his work

and you can also see the influence of Toulouse-Lautrec. I love the way he captures form with just a simple line.


’93 Blues

’93 Blues Take 1

This is one of my instrumentals. It was recorded at home on my four track reel to reel at 15IPS and mixed onto my clanky old Dell

using Audacity software with no noise reduction. I have another take of this but this one has a nice liveliness to it. It’s me on everything.

Melody has line and it’s not always smooth, some of John Lennon’s stuff was really jagged. This is a composed piece with some

improvisation. It owes a lot to Freddy King and Hubert Sumlin. Hope you like it.

in the biodome

This is a painting by Saya Woolfalk, an artist I’ve just encountered. I’m still trying to get a grip on where she’s coming from.

Her paintings represent an imaginary world called no place, which is the meaning of the word utopia. We are in the biodome so there’s a lot of biological forms(including human ones, of course.)

There’s also a body of water which is where all life comes from, and yellow red and blue flame representing fire.  So the four elements earth, wind fire and water are all here.  She has used theoretical

ideas to produce a striking image. I like her use of color contrast, the painting pulsates with life.

“63 Pontiac Tempest

This is a model of an early 60’s drag car I’m working on. It’s a supercharged gas coupe, a drag racing class that was eliminated by the late 60’s. This car is my own design following the practices that were prevalent in the early years of drag racing. It’s in primer at the moment but will be orange when it’s finished. (Spray painting models is an art in itself.)  The body is original plastic from the 60’s, originally available as a kit  from AMT the same year the real car was made. When I bought the model  it was covered in a couple of coats of thick enamel paint, which is maybe why it survived for fourty odd years! Sadly GM has eliminated the Pontiac Marque as of last year, the division had some of the best looking cars they made. The clean and attractive lines of the Tempest were hard to beat. They look good as a boulevard cruiser as well as a wild drag car.