A booklet on Giambattista Bodoni who was one of the originators of modern typography, he was active in the 18th century. For this project I tried to capture the feel of an older document using the simpler graphics that were current during Bodoni’s time. I learned a lot about the history of typography researching Bodoni and writing this short monograph.

John Steinbeck Book Covers


Book covers for two of John Steinbecks novels and his account of his travels around America with his dog Charley. I chose colors that I thought represented the terrain of the American southwest, Cannery Row and Tortilla flat were set in Southern California where he grew up. The illustrations are my own, I wanted something in my portfolio that showed off my drawing. I drew them by hand, scanned them into photoshop, and then used image trace in illustrator to convert them to vector.


Teaco/Restaurant Branding


I invented a tearoom for this project in Restaurant Branding. The logo uses the Chinese character for tea. I found the character on the interweb and cut it out in Illustrator. The font is called Hong Kong I found it on one of the websites that list fonts for fair use. Feed back from my class mates was very important in the choice of logo, I had some other ideas but they said this was the best.

Lecture Series


One of the great things about taking courses in Graphic Design at Anne Arundel Community College is the tangential things they get you into. Of course Typography is an important part of design work, but I didn’t know I had an affinity for it until I took the class. I started a new font at work the other day! This is an exercise in hierarchy, we were given the text and asked to arrange it in a pleasing manner. I used Goudy Stout Regular for the headings and Goudy Standard Extra Bold for the main text. The choice of color was made to be as eye catching as possible.